They say you are alone when you enter the world and also when you leave the world..Still we are compelled to make friends in this world..

Sometimes it just feels like you are there and yet not there with them.You try make out from the real and the fake,until you realize that they are gone..They say they know you and find out ways to hurt you.You can’t let out your feeling,knowing they might use it against you.There are gossips within the group about you when you are not there.There is not one person whom you can trust,which leaves you with your mother,more of a friend now understanding what you mean.You feel secure and let out your feelings,it’s not in your heart anymore and yet again there are people who find it kiddish.Who make fun of,knowing they are ones in loss.They are jealous, knowing that they can’t share a special bond like my mother and me.And again you are left out ,as there is no one who trusts YOU any more……

They want to know your secret crush even if you don’t have one, they keep teasing,till u realize it’s not worth anymore…They get on your nerve,with you left screeming inside,crying to come out,trying to tell them the real you,telling them they are not the real rulers, that you can take a stand and show the world the real you…

You feel like crying, tearing yourself apart and run away, swim in the water and get lost in your own feelings,knowing there won’t be anyone after you this time…

You feel you don’t need this world by your side,that you can handle yourself and yet are compelled FRIENDS in this world

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