The Nature’s Will….

Me going to 10th was not by choice but by cycle of life..Today morning I felt this weird feeling about me in 10th.I like to sit near on the window seat(school bus)and think about my day ahead and how I’m going to face..so today morning I was thing about my struggling life as a student.when I saw my daily man doing his daily poop,seriously he never misses his spot,whenever we pass by that road I find him in the exact same place doing the exact same thing..anyways so I was thinking when I saw him and my thought process changed.I now was thinking about how I felt to be in 10th.so I don’t exactly have ‘friends’ to talk about my personal feeling and thus it gets really difficult for me to which by which I mean I end just smiling at them agreeing or laughing at things later realize aren’t funny.

Coming back to what I started typing..entering 10th was like a huge step in my life with voices asking whats my future course..and I’m like dude I just started getting  serious with my studies and you asking what I  want to do in future,like really.The worst part of the scenario is when some of my classmates have decided what they want ahead,me being completely unknown to the school life ahead,wonder “How the hell do they know the boards ahead and the courses they provide.We mates never talked about this untill we came to 10,then how the hell do they even know these words,and all I feel is am I still on earth”

Then its the school that won’t let me feel normal,they keep organizing these career  choosing seminars from which we or at least I get nothing but frustration out and the best part about this irritating thing is it never subsides.It keeps popping up in offbeat places,you like 1 second I would be singing Whistle(Flo Rida) and the next about my future questions and mind it all happens when excreting me shit,the reason for it being frustrating is  because now I can’t even shit peacefully,it’s like pain in the ass it just doesn’t go.

It’s raining right now accompanied by mute lightening(that’s not possible) anyways I just heard the thundering it’s a bit shy it seems,its not that powerful,maybe even he’s tired coming all the way here.I just wish I could get wet someday and its not like I can’t it’s just that I won’t be allowed,so I’ve planned this secret sneak out,out in the woods or more appropriate out among the buildings if it continues to rain the way it is now.

I heard my friend again(thunder)it’s gained on it’s voice and I might soon on my ‘life’.Got to go bye ,my eyes are getting angry for not going for to sleep…NIGHT DREAMY HEADS…will continue later